Central Casting: Part 1

AKA The Spank Bank **

We read a lot of books. Our brains have taken to casting real people, because it’s way more fun to read when you can put a face and a voice to it. Here are some of our favorite go-to’s. You’re welcome.

Tom Hardy

Good for: MMA fighters/guys who brawl. Ex Seals. Ex Cons. Bodyguards. Tattooed dreamboats. My boyfriend.

T 2

T 8

T 5T 6

T 3



BOOM. I’m pregnant.

T 4

Taylor Kitsch

Good for: Football players. Bad boys from the wrong side of the tracks. Guys with Abs. Anyone like Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights.

tvmag frilights

TK 4

TK 5

TK 2

TK 6

Bonus: He also works with tattoos and a buzz cut.

TK 3

Nick Bateman

Good for: Dark Haired Guys. Underwear Models.

NB 3

NB 1

NB 2

NB 4

NB 5

NB 6

What were we talking about again?

NB 7

James McAvoy

Good for: Beta Boys. Best friend turned lover. Bar hook-up who is actually a nice single dad. Guys with ginger beards. Guys who wear pea coats well.

mcavoy 1

JM 1

mcavoy 3

mcavoy 4

mcavoy 5

Michael Fassbender

Good for: Smoldering guy with giant D. Grown-up bad boys. Billionaires. Your friend’s ex-boyfriend who you can’t stop hooking-up with.

fassy 1

fassy 2

fassy 3

Also, that shame gif tho. NSFW

fassy 4

fassy 5

Richard Armitage

Good For: Dashing dukes in historicals. Older business men with so much swagger. Hot smoldering moody gents.


armitage 2

armitage 3

I watch the last five minutes of North and South on youtube when I’m having a rough day

armitage 4

armitage 5

Charlie Hunnam

Good For: All bikers and tough guys. Guys with perfect asses.

hunnam 1

hunnam 2

hunnam 3

hunnam 4

hunnam 5

Tom Hiddleston

Good For: Your brother’s hot, funny best friend you hook up with in your childhood bedroom during Thanksgiving dinner. Nice guys with British accents. High school teachers.

hiddles 2

hiddles 3

hiddles 4

Hiddles 5

hiddles 1

** We are aware that objectification of men as sexual objects is a double standard and against our feminist life stance. If you can not support this hypocrisy please accept these pictures of kittens as an apology.