The First Annual Shame-y Awards!

penis trophy

This was a year of some really great books. And also some really bad books (You know we don’t discriminate). We read a bajillion books and still have a bajillion more in our TBR piles. We fell off the map towards the end of the year, but we wanted to close out 2015 with some of our favorites, and some of our favorite things that made us cringe. With that, we give you our first annual Shame-y Awards!

Merry New Year!

merry new year


Best Bulge:

Cleone: I have to give my best bulge to Racing the Sun’s speedo bulge, which made speedos hot, for the first time in my life.

but it’s his damn speedo that has all my attention. The stereotype of the Italian Stallion is not lost on this man. He’s packing heat, and a lot of it, in those tight red bottoms.

Mary: This is a tough one for me, because there were so so so many this year. Can I pick two if they’re the same authors? I’d have to go with either Lola sketching Oliver in Dark Wild Night:

COCK. It’s all I can see. It’s there beneath his boxers, half-hard, obviously uncut, following the line of his hip. My God, it’s thick. And if Oliver is a grow’er, he could knock a woman’s teeth out when he fucks her.

Or boss-man Niall Stella, standing on the subway with a big ol’boner in Ruby’s face, in Beautiful Secret:

When a seat opened up on the train and he urged me to sit down, he stepped close enough that his belt buckle was only inches from my face. In front of me was the long expanse of his torso, slim shirt tucked neatly into his pants. And, lower, the clear downward line of his cock against his thigh, already half hard. Sweet Lord. I reached up, hooking a finger through his belt loop as he gazed down at me, wordless and rapt. When we rose from the station, he came up behind me as I stopped to get my bearings. His large hand curled around my hips and he pressed into me. I felt him. I mean, I felt him.

C: How could I forget the SUBWAY BULGE? That’s some quality bulge.

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