YA ReRead: The Other Side of Dark

the other side of dark

Grade: B (nostalgia grading in effect)

Doing it at: n/a

Catnip: Deep Dark Secret; Mysteries; YA; Sleeping Beauty; Nostalgia; Hypothetical Sequels; Fan Fiction; ReRead

Shame Scale: No shame! You can read YA as a grown up if you want

Fantasy Cast:  Matt Dillon circa 1989; Brooke Shields circa Blue Lagoon

Book Description:

Stacy wakes up in a hospital room, in a body she doesn’t recognize. Her mother is dead—murdered—and Stacy is recovering from a gunshot wound. She is the sole eyewitness to the crime, but she has only a shadowy memory of the killer’s face. Will Stacy be able to regain a clear memory of that fateful day before the killer reaches her?
        The Other Side of Dark is one of Joan Lowery Nixon’s most intriguing, suspenseful, and dramatic mysteries.

I probably read The Other Side of Dark for the first time when I was around 14, that’s the age when I was devouring mysteries; Fear Streets, Christopher Pike, and Stephen King’s— along with heaping helpings of classics and V.C. Andrews. I was that kid who read EVERYTHING and all the time. Babysitting money was immediately turned into paperbacks, which I would devour at least one a day, every day. I remembered the actual plot of this one pretty well (I read it more than once, I read all the books more than once), but my brain thought the romance aspect loomed much larger than it actually does between Stacey and Jeff. So, I’m gonna tell you guys what actually happened, and then we are going to speculate a sequel! Because this is my blog and it sounded fun, ok? OK.

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