Maldeamores, by Mara White


Grade: B

Doing it at: 80 %

Catnip: Kissing Cousins; Butt Stuff; #TeamAnal; Threesomes; Sharks and Jets

Shame Scale: It’s a love story about first cousins, so… pretty high shame. But – it reads like a real book, so you can cut yourself some slack.

Fantasy Cast: Jay Hernandez, Selena Gomez

Book Description:

Belén: I’ve loved Luciano ever since I can remember, desired him before I even knew what it meant. He’s always been the only man in my life—my constant protector, and his rejection only intensifies my need. 

Luciano: I’ve never known a love more fierce than the one I feel for Belén. But I force myself to deny her no matter how much it hurts. 

Our love is a sickness and both of us are infected. 

Because there’s no cure for being from the same family.

Mary: I think our decision to read this one went something like, “OMG actual incest romance, do we need?” “Fuck yassss”

Cleone: I was really sold when I opened the book and discovered it opened with a Pablo Neruda quote. Neruda is the patron saint of over dramatic, love sick, teen girls. I speak from experience, my jam was:

But I love your feet

only because they walked

upon the earth and upon

the wind and upon the waters,

until they found me.

Plus, ya know, incest.

M: Because we’re kind of weirdos like that. But this book actually turned out to be more of a Real Book and less of a Kink Book than I think either of us were expecting.

C: I cut my trash book teeth on incest stories. Maldeamores was kind of the perfect read for a really hot, humid summer day when your brain isn’t moving at full speed and you want to get lost in problems that are actually worse than your own (being in love with your cousin trumps anything I’ve got going on).

M: Belén (Bey) and Luciano (Lucky) are Dominican cousins, nine months apart, growing up in the Bronx. They’ve been there for each other for their whole lives, but when they hit their early teens, Bey starts nurturing quite a crush on her cousin Lucky. It’s pretty innocent at first – just wanting to be kissed by a boy, by Lucky, her best friend.

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