Tangled Up in Blue, by J.D. Brick

tangled up in blue

Grade: B-

Doing it at: 54%

Catnip: Stalkers; Deep Dark Secret; Men in Uniform; Climb You Like a Tree; Guitar Hero

Shame Scale: The guy on the cover is eating the girl’s face, inside it’s less shameful.

Fantasy Cast: Josh Lucas circa Sweet Home Alabama; Emma Watson

Book Description:

Keegan Crenshaw needs a hero. She’s a straight-A student with a high-profile job on campus. She’s got a lot to prove. But someone’s out to get her. Someone’s got her running scared. And she runs right into the arms of a red-hot boy named Blue.

Deep down, Blue is still the brave soldier who risked his life for others. He’s still a hero, even if he no longer believes it. All he wants now, though, is to make music and bury the secret that could destroy his future. Blue tries hard to be a good guy. But he’s wrestling with demons he can barely control. And when Keegan moves into his house and very quickly into his heart, his hard-fought control begins to slip away.

Keegan and Blue can’t stay away from each other, can’t stop thinking about each other. They have a connection–body, mind and soul–they cannot resist. But it will cost them dearly. Secrets have a way of exploding into the light, and sometimes it’s hard to know who’s a hero and who’ll turn out to be a heartbreaker. Is Blue the love of Keegan’s life, her knight in shining armor? Or will he become an agonizing mistake?

Searing and sexy, Tangled Up in Blue takes readers on a wild ride. Along the way, it explores the heart-wrenching costs of courage, deception and sacrificial love.

Mary and I have decide that our fancy latin blog motto is: Venimus Facienda Ea (Don’t critique our Latin, that’s the best that Google Translate can do). We Came for the Doing it. Even if the sex is bad we still want to hear about it, damnit. No fade away for the Shame Girls. Tangled up in Blue had a lot of fade away happening, BUT, it also had good writing and a dramatic, engrossing story line. And it had Blue Danube.

Keegan is a good girl who has found herself in a terrifying situation. She’s the editor of her college newspaper, youngest ever since she’s a sophomore, and has just fled the dorms because she has a stalker who is growing increasingly bold and threatening. She took the first open room she could find, which happens to be at a rundown house that the other students have dubbed The Canadian Embassy. Its a party house, renowned for its wild parties, and as soon as Keegan pulls into the driveway she spies Blue and his very fine ass, laid out across the porch floor.

Our hero’s name really is Blue, Blue Danube, and he tells Keegan that his dad named him that on the predication of the Boy Named Sue theory of naming. Thanks Shel Silverstein. The name hasn’t hurt Blue at all, he’s dreamy cute, ex army, and came to Ikana College to study music with his hero, a 60’s folk singer who I think is modeled after Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. He’s the most responsible of the three people Keegan will be rooming with and takes an instant protective liking to her. We have big time insta-lust with our man whore and our mostly virginal heroine.

Blue is a gentleman and a sucker for a damsel in distress. He wants to save Keegan from the sick asshole who is taunting her and sweep her off her feet in the way she deserves. He wants their first time to be memorable. He wants to teach her about music and keep any other man from touching her. It is all familiar territory, but the characters are likable and the banter is pretty top notch. My swoon factor really started to notch up when Keegan climbed out on the roof to write in her diary, she keeps a journal and writes in it every day, and Blue climbed up a tree with his guitar strapped to his back to serenade her. SOLD.

Blue and Keegan fall for each other pretty quickly, and there’s flirting, kissing and oral sex. Except it’s implied oral sex, because Keegan is inching down and then… bam aftermath. Skipping over the good stuff is a big no-no here at Mybookshame, and it happened TWICE before we got some actual doing it. And that doing it still wasn’t terribly explicit. This wasn’t a D- for no D but it was close. Look at that book cover, go ahead look at it, he is EATING HER FACE. So I was expecting explicit eating of…other things… too. Luckily the actual plot had me tapping pages at a high rate and keenly interested in who the hell was stalking Keegan and what exactly had happened to Blue in the war that left him with nightmares and massive guilt. One plot line was easier to guess than the other, but both were enjoyable.

The lacivious content that we did get was perfectly steamy, with more dirty talk than I was expecting, considering the fade outs.

“Did you say you want to do Blue Danube? He’s right here, baby, ready and waiting.” Blue sits up and gestures toward the front of his jeans, where the proof of his interest is obvious.

Bonus points were awarded for making out on the roof in a thunderstorm, and Blue teaching Keegan to waltz in his underpants. Blue and Keegan are mushily, adorably in love by about 35% and all the sex is love making — this is not a thing I have just decided, its stated in the text. You’d be surprised how few times the phrase making love gets thrown around in these books we read.

We’re making love in the literal sense, creating something that hasn’t been here before. I guess you’d call it my sexual awakening. I walk around all day awakened, attuned to some buzz in the air I’ve never noticed before.

Tangled up in Blue ends in a cliffhanger, upon closer inspection Amazon warned me it was going to happen, but I didn’t realize until a new story line was amping up and I looked down to see that we were at 98%. I’m not a big fan of multi-book arches for one couple. I’m a ‘lets meet and fall in love and tie this up’ kind of girl, but I liked Keegan so much and found Blue so charming that I’ll very likely read part two to find out what happens and spend more time with them. If you’re looking for a sweet romance with liberal dashes of melodrama, and are OK with a non-sex-heavy story (I’m so doin’ it jaded!), I strongly encourage you to buy this book.

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