Missed Connection, by K. Larson & Mara White

missed connection

Grade: A+

Doing it at: 42%

Catnip: Second Chance Romance, Dual Narrative, Opposites Attract, Grownups in Love, Tearjerker, Ugly Cry, Sadistic Authors, Tattoos, Beta Hero, Sexual Healing

Shame Scale: Super low shame; this well written, engrossing book is only guilty of the sin of making you cry till your face hurts.

Fantasy Cast:  Rosamund Pike, Victor Ross

Book Description: 

Twenty years weren’t enough for either of them to forget.

A chance encounter, a missed connection.

Two wayward stars that collided in a turbulent sky, at the right place, but at the wrong time in both of their lives.

What happens when they meet again? Do the same unforgettable sparks still fly?

Titan Jennings and Jesenia Van Buren may come from two different worlds but their hearts are open to second chances. No matter who or what may stand against them, love is what anchors their lives together.

Love may be infinite but time is not, Missed Connection is a novel about making the very best you can with what little you’ve got.

Cleone: Regular readers might know that we are Mara White super fans here at My Book Shame, our love affair starting after we read Maldeamores, and Ms. White received more than one Golden Boner in our year end round-up. What you might not know is that we super fan-d her so hard that we made her be our friend and our Facebook friend on our real life pages (the pages where we share things that are 85% non boner related). And at some point I shared this viral craigslist posting: and this might be all my fault.

Mary: Even if it wasn’t your fault, I like imagining that it was. Gives me someone tangible to blame.

Cleone: This was our first outing reading anything by K. Larsen, and we dumbly didn’t realize that she is also a sadist, and that this book was probably going to make us sleep on salt-encrusted pillows.

Mary: This book made me cry so hard my face hurt. I loved it so much you guys.

Cleone: Missed Connections is the author duo’s take on that viral Missed Connection, the story of Titan and Jess who met one fateful night when they were both at hard, dark places in their lives. They met briefly, in a 24-hour diner, when they were barely more than kids.  Titan was battling a variety of demons and Jess literally saved his life. Then she disappeared. But he never stopped thinking of her. Not when he was happily married, not when he had a son, not when his wife died of cancer. And now, 20 years later, his son convinces him to reach out and try to find her. Through a Craigslist missed connection post.

Mary: How adorable is that premise? Who doesn’t love a second-chance romance? Plus Titan is one of the dreamiest heroes. He’s mature and calm, sexy enough to carry a magazine cover, and a really good dad. “Good at parenting” is a huge turn on, ok?

Cleone: Titan is probably the sweetest book boyfriend of all the times. He is a beta in the best sense of the word. Titan respects you and all your decisions! But Titan will still pull a gun on a man who threatens your happiness. Swoon #TeamTitan. he also is really crazy about Jess’s freckles, so he probably would have won my heart over right there #TeamFreckles.


Cleone: Jess has has a good life, without Titan in it, for the 20-years they’ve been apart. She and her daughter (who is more like her best friend) run a design podcast, and she’s in a loveless marriage with a heartless automaton politician who has never even given her oral sex. So, I mean she’s alive but who could really be happy that way?

Mary: Truth.

Cleone: Plus Mary isn’t on board with all of her sartorial choices


Mary: I’m not crazy about Pinterest weddings. I just feel like it’s getting out of hand.

Cleone: Both of our protagonist’s kids know the story of Hope’s Diner, and how their respective parents have longed for each other for decades. So, when Titan’s post goes insanely viral — in large part to how mother-fucking-handsome he is — the two Parent Trap (Hayley Mills 4Eva, Lindsay Lohan NEVA)  them into a weekend getaway at a romantic mountain cabin. And they are instantly in sync, in love, perfect together.

Mary: White and Larsen are able to take this bananas plot and make it feel genuine and relatable. And they manage to strike that magic balance that I adore in a great romance, between sweet and anxiety – because you know when it’s this perfect that something AWFUL is going to happen. It’s like, you’re reading it and enjoying how wonderful and sexy and charming everything is, but the whole time you’re searching for clues, trying to figure out exactly this is going to make you want to die.

Cleone: Jess has a history of mental illness, and the writing RE: how it makes her brain feel is some of the best descriptive writing about bi-polar that I’ve ever encountered. I’d recommend this one to anyone who ever feels their brain working faster than they can catch it, and who has dealt with the crashes that follow in the wake of a mania. Missed Connection is a romance that reads like a Real Book, and hits on some heavy subjects.

Now, we really think that you should read this book. It is sweet, hot, well written, and will creep into your heart. But this is where we warn you that it is going to make you cry. It is probably going to make you cry A LOT. And if you are reading this book when you are home alone on New Years Eve, because you couldn’t find a babysitter, you are probably going to literally sob in the New Year. Welcome to 2016!



Cleone: Don’t worry I’m blaming BOTH authors for my pain, they’re both very talented and capable of inflicting great pain. Mary read this one well ahead of me, and I was glad to have her on hand to virtually coach me through my weeping. And I totally did tell Mara that she ruined my life.

Mary: You’re going to ugly cry your fucking face off with this one. That’s good though, right? When a book can manipulate you into feeling worse than actual real life-sad things do?

Cleone: AND this book has a very very dreamy real life Titan cast by Yaya from After Dark Book Lovers, who even has the same anchor tattoo as our book boyfriend!



victor ross

If you print those out you can use them to dry your tears!

Mary: We were particularly inspired by this casting choice.

missed connections 1

missed connections 2

missed connections 3

missed connections 4

Mary: When you’re reading Missed Connection and things get too hard, just look at that guy’s perfect jaw.

Cleone: Once I recovered from my book-grief I was able to admit to myself that this book is pretty great, even if it is the devil. You’ll be able to as well! And I’ll pass all grievances on to the authors, who are sick twisted souls who made an instagram to celebrate their reader’s pain. 

The Authoresses want to give one of our lucky readers an e-copy of the book and a very cute anchor necklace! If you’d like to get to know Titus *intimately* comment below!

Check it out:

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