Bad Boy Daddy, by Chance Carter

bad boy daddy

Grade: D+ (A+)

Doing it at: 14%

Catnip: Motorcycles, Tattoos, Bad to the Bone, Hard and Unprotected, Intentional Pregnancy, #TeamAnal, Butt Stuff, Dual Narrative, Book Shame, Male Author, So Bad it’s Good, Red Hot Burning Shame, But It Was 99 Cents…

Shame Scale: Red Hot Burning Shame. Like this is essentially the epitome of a shame book. Look at that cover! Blue Steel! And the writing is over the top and unintentionally hilarious.

Fantasy Cast: Ian Somerhalder, Claire Holt

Book Description:

He wanted a baby. I needed a man.

The first time I saw Jackson, I hated his guts. He was everything I could never have. Pure, panty-wetting, manhood. And I was trapped in a loveless relationship with his worst enemy. I never would have dreamed he craved my womb so badly he was willing to do anything for it.

My father’s death taught me a lot of things. Most importantly, I needed a child. I had to have a son before my enemies caught up with me. So when Faith came begging for protection, I knew exactly what I wanted. I yearned for her body. Lust raged through me like a wildfire. I longed to make her pregnant with my child. I gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse. A life for a life. My protection, in exchange for everything she had to offer. I’d die for her, but she would give me a son.

I took her womb. I never suspected she’d take my heart.

Cleone: Mary and I were still battling fierce The Play book hangovers this weekend, and looking for a new book to buddy read. She was at a boring party (at her own house) and I was lying in bed doing what I always do on Saturday nights (going to bed before 11 pm), when we decided to tackle Bad Boy Daddy. In no way do we regret this decision. This book is so bad that it looped right around and became good again.

Mary: We picked this one up awhile ago because it was 99 cents and had an A+ cover and title combo. It rivals Knocked Up By The Bad Boy in terms of level of cheese. But we hadn’t gotten around to it, and lately it feels like we’ve strayed from our roots, sticking to books from our tried and true authors and avoiding the occasional over-the-top cheap romance from someone we’ve never heard of before (Step Beast I promise I’ll get to you soon!). There have been a ton of new releases this fall we’ve been really excited about, and Cleone got a stupid new JOB so she doesn’t have as much time to waste on books that might not be all that great. But we had a book hangover, and we needed a palate cleanser, and fuck it, why not.

Bad boy daddy 1

M: We opened it simultaneously and knew instantly that it was the right choice for getting over a really seriously good book. Because there are not one or two opening quotes to set the tone of this ballsy romance, there are SEVEN: Charlotte Bronte, Edith Wharton, Pablo Neruda, Victor Hugo, Paulo Coelho, Charles Bukowski, and Roald fucking Dahl!!!!!

Bad boy daddy 3

Bad boy daddy 4

C: Bad Boy Daddy is written by Mr. Chance Carter, and I think is the first male author we’ve read for a My Book Shame review. Mary & I had the below text convo Re Mr. Carter, who we desperately want to befriend:



bad boy replacement 1




bad boy replacement 2

M: We get a little punchy with our Sunday morning texting. @Chance Carter! Why can’t we find you on Twitter? We tried to tweet at you and tell you how much fun we were having reading your book on a church day. We signed up for your newsletter and might send you some fan mail!

We’re going to talk about some of the plot here, if you like to avoid all spoilers scroll down really quickly from one bad boy to the next, although our professional opinion is that this book would be just as fun whether you know the plot details or not.

bad boy

C: Bad Boy Daddy is about Faith, a girl who seems to have come from nowhere and is tied up with a very bad man, and Jackson Jones, a motorcycle riding rebel who is the baddest man of all. He’s bad the the bone, guys.

M: We decided to count the number of times Jackson calls himself “bad to the bone.”


C: Faith and Jackson meet while he is looking to meet up with her current boyfriend, the head of Los Lobos (a big bad biker gang, not the band!), Jackson is immediately attracted to Faith and hits on her blatantly despite her being the property of a cholo named Wolf.

Faith blows Jackson off that first time, but then a few months later, she runs away from Los Lobos and right into Jackson’s arms. It’s a rainy night in the desert, his father has just died, her boyfriend wants to lock her up in a bunker forever. They’re both feeling their mortality and need something that only the other person could give: Faith needs protection and Jackson needs to put a baby all up in Faith.

M: It felt like the book was trying to be this epic, emotional romance – and also fertile fetish smut. One minute, Jackson is a “piston-fired, turbo-charged, orgasm machine,” who can “outfuck a heard of stallions,” who’s blasting semen into her “with such intensity it threatened to shatter her,” and the next – he’s so overcome with the emotional connection, he’s bursting into tears immediately following orgasm. And LOL at a guy who cries after sex, #sorrynotsorry

C: The two spend 36 sex soaked hours together, before Jackson leaves her (certain that his super sperm has knocked her up), to go kill all of Los Lobos. The sex scenes are EVERYTHING. Like I can’t wait to dramatically read these around a fire.

M: There is not even a token count back to her period to acknowledge the science of fertility. Jackson blasts his sperm up in her womb, and they both just know there is a baby up in there.



The first pulse of orgasm was like the pain of death. My vision blurred. My muscles contracted. The pleasure that had been building inside me like snow on a mountain peak, crashed over the edge like an avalanche. I cried out. I screamed her name. “Faith.”

I came so hard it was like being kicked from behind like a wild horse. My seed shot into her with a force I didn’t believe possible. The first spurt was followed by another, and another, flinging itself into the condom mercilessly, as if trying to soak her womb with its potency.

C: Don’t worry they only used a condom the first time. These smart strangers went full bareback after that, so that he could give her a legacy baby.

I convulsed, the shock of orgasm hitting me like a freight train. I screamed. The pleasure rushed through me like a Nevada flash-flood.

C: It’s good for Faith too! Except the anal. That’s not good for her or anyone else.

I had to penetrate her deeply. I had to burn myself onto her very soul. It wasn’t just for pleasure. It wasn’t just an idle desire. I wanted to break her, the way a horse-whisperer breaks a mustang. I needed her to know she belonged to me. I didn’t just want her to love me. I wanted her to fear me too. To respect me. I wanted her to worship me like an animal worships its master.

She cried out but she was powerless to stop me. I lowered her onto my erect spike and it slid up into her like a sword killing a warrior.

C: He refers to his cock as a weapon multiple times.

M: It’s so ridiculously masculine, and I can’t help but wonder how much of it stems from the fact that the author is a dude.


M: We’re #TeamAnal at MyBookShame, but this anal just sounded awful. In general, a lot of the sex in this one sounded not so great for the girl. There were several times where it was not clear if she came, and also several times where it seems like he just rams it in her and comes super quick.

I’d fucked her. Now I wanted to put my sperm in her throat. I was holding her mouth on my erect penis like a slave.

The truth was, I was the slave.

M: There’s a balance to romance – we are smart modern ladies and we like to read about alpha male beasts, dominating their ladies and forcing pleasure on them – but with the animalistic urges, we also need to feel like the woman is really getting like, ridiculous, insane pleasure out of the pain, the surrendering of control – this book did not have that.

C: When Jackson pulls out of Faith’s anus and leaves her crying, his sperm “dripping out of her in a pool on the floor,” it is the last time she’ll see him for 12 years. He leaves her pregnant — He DID have super sperm — and spends 12 years killing all the members of Los Lobos while Faith raises his son in his hometown and fucks no one else.

M: Twelve years of abstinence.

C: The second half of the book is about Jackson and Faith reuniting, and about them becoming a family with their son. And also mostly about Jackson’s semen. Which really takes a starring role in this book.


M: I think this book could have benefited from a few visits to the Dicktionary. There was wayyy to much penis, sperm, semen, vagina, and anus talk. I’m all for being anatomically correct, but dirty talk calls for some euphemisms.

C: Jackson didn’t touch another woman while he was off dispensing vengeance for over a decade, and when he returned he was immediately gratified to be able to sense that Faith had remained faithful to him as well:


C: One wonders if this is a skill our new BFF Chance Carter also possesses.

bad boy 2

C: Bad Boy Daddy is in NO way an actually good book, but that doesn’t mean we don’t encourage you to read it. Especially if you can rope someone into reading it with you, this one is an ideal buddy read. And maybe the most fun we’ve ever had texting about a book on a Sunday afternoon when we should have at least been acknowledging our families.

M: I have never laughed so hard while reading a book, and will be preordering the rest of this series for sure – the next of which might be out in December?


C: I mean even the typos are entertaining! Read this one, bitches. Even though it gets a wee bit…inappropriate…


Check it out:


7 thoughts on “Bad Boy Daddy, by Chance Carter

  1. Hi, Cleone. Ha! This review is awesome. I shamelessly bought this book for the same reasons (it was 99 cents, blahblahblah …) but I couldn’t finish it. This is the worst book ever !!!! And the author’s picture is a plus. Is it for real?? Well, let me know if he sends any newsletter, I’m really curious.


    • I’m hoping the newsletter is full of his hopes and dreams and sex tips!

      We are *pretty* sure that the profile picture is for real, you can visit his FB page to see lots and lots and lots of selfies.

      Every once in a while a great bad book is exactly what our brains need, and now we can settle into the new Colleen Hoover with a clean palate!


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