Better When He’s Brave, by Jay Crownover

Better When He's Brave

Grade: A

Doing it at: 47%

Catnip: Hot Cop, Cop and Criminal, Hot Cars, Dangerous Criminal Villain, Bathroom Sex, Hate to Love You, Fake it Till You Make It

Shame Scale: No shame, this is a good one, guys.

What Does He Taste Like?: Warm cleanness that was somehow simply Titus, he tasted like he looked, strong, sure, and potent.

Fantasy Cast: Henry Cavill, Adelaide Kane

Book Description:

In New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jay Crownover’s third novel in her sexy, thrilling Welcome to the Point series, a woman’s search for repentance leads her to the one man from her past she can’t forget as they join forces to save their city—and the explosive love neither can live without.

Titus King sees the world in black and white. Right and wrong. Which is why as a teenager he left behind the only family he’d ever known to make a better life for himself. Now a police detective in one of the worst cities in the country, he can’t deny his life has turned into a million different shades of gray. 

The new criminal element in The Point has brought vengeance and destruction right to Titus’s front door, and the difference between right and wrong is nothing compared to keeping those he loves alive. To add to his already strained moral compass, the beautiful and mysterious Reeve Black has made her way back to town, and she might be as dangerous to Titus as the guy trying to destroy the Point because he needs her—in more ways than one.

Reeve knows all about how ruthless this new threat to destroy The Point can be… and instead of running away, she wants to help. She has a lot to repent for and saving the city, plus the hot cop that she hasn’t been able to forget might just be the only way she can finally find some inner peace.

With an entire city poised on the brink of war, Titus and Reeve stand in the crossfire—and it will take two brave souls to fight for the ultimate love.

Cleone: We have been counting down to HOT COP for months, basically since the second we finished Better When He’s Bold. Mary and I are Crownover fan girls and we are of the opinion that she just gets better every book.

Mary: All of her books are great, but I think we fell hard when we hit Nash and they’ve only gotten better since then.

C: She especially got better on the cover for this one:

better 1

M: The Race cover model. Our favorite 80’s frat boy from Revenge of the Nerds. He was an outlier in an otherwise impeccable series of cover boys.

C: We met the main characters in this one, Reeve and Titus, in previous Point books. Reeve was a villianess in Bax’s story and Titus is Bax’s police officer brother. Titus might be the one genuinely good guy in all of the Point. Which is why Reeve goes to him when she rolls back into town with secrets and scores to settle.

M: Also, maybe because she has a teeny bit of a crush on him. As one would. Tall, dark, rough – I’m imagining a little bit of taco meat peeking out of the one-button-open collar of his shirt because I don’t think it was specified and this is my fantasy you guys – and a stickler for The Law. Did this book give me a temporary fixation on Hot Cops and have I spent an inordinate amount of time looking into the feasibility of getting a Hot Cop stripper for my next favorite ladies party? I’m not not saying that.

hot cop

“Open up. It’s the police.”

Back story: Reeve was the one who ratted out Dovie to the really bad guys (not the bad guy she was hitting the sheets with), leading to her kidnapping and torture. So we really didn’t like Reeve. But Crownover is great for a redemption story, and we got on #TeamReeve pretty quickly.

C: Reeve left town under the WITSEC program and was supposed to never come back. She’s was going to testify and start a new life as a new person. Until she made the mistake of falling for the Marshall, Conner Roark, who was supposed to be protecting her, but did not turn out to be such a good guy after all.

The whole reason Reeve fell for him in the first place was that he reminded her so much of Titus and she thought he could keep her safe. Now that she’s discovered that he’s in bed with the criminals she heads back for the real thing. Even knowing that everyone in town HATES her for almost getting Dovie killed.

And we can’t blame her for wanting the real thing in this situation because Titus is HOT. Giant, dark, scruffy, all control on the surface and all ticking sex beast underneath.

M: Reeve wants redemption. She knows she’s one of the bad guys. She has done some horrible things in the past and wants atonement for them. When Reeve shows up though, Titus is all, “Fuckkkk, dat bitch again?” Because she was supposed to be gone, and because his dick really really wants to make her acquaintance, to the dismay of his brain.

C: For his part Titus doesn’t WANT to want Reeve. When she hands over the evidence that lets him know she’s telling the truth about this dirty Marshall who seems to have a very personal grudge against his family, he realizes he needs to keep her safe and use her to draw Roark out. So he decides they’ll just have to pretend to be together. Fake relationships are almost always the answer guys!

M: My next relationship will be a fake relationship. They’re the path to true love, paved with amazing sexual tension.

C: The tension in this one is drawn out and well written, Titus is trying so hard to keep everything together and not succumb to his baser instincts, that you know when he lets go it is going to be amazing.

M: He wants Reeve real bad, but he really doesn’t want to want her. They both know things are boiling, and eventually going to spill over. And when it does, it’s delightful.

C: There’s a bit of a slow burn, with Reeve knowing that Titus wants her and Titus fighting it because he is holding on to the notion that she’s a bad person. And what does it say about him that he wants to be with her. Because he really, painfully, wants to be with her:

Better 3

Better 2

M: It’s no secret that we’re fans of bulge talk. Better When He’s Brave did not disappoint in that respect. I only wish he had been wearing sweatpants because #DISP.

C: The tension builds between them until Titus’ sex beast can’t be held back any longer and we get the hottest strip club bathroom scene of all time (I don’t know if there are other strip club bathroom scenes out there, but I’m willing to bet that this tops them if there are):

Better 8

C: And I really loved Reeve, even though I HATED her in Better When He’s Bad (good work Crownover). She wants so badly to make things right. Even if she has to die to do that, she’s willing. She doesn’t necessarily make all the best decisions on her dual quest for redemption and revenge, but I found myself 100% on her side.

M: I agree. I like my characters to crawl on their knees and beg for absolution, but Reeve was pretty easy to forgive. She had a tough past growing up in The Point, and a history of bad decision making, but overall good intentions. And she was really, really kind.

C: I ended up heavily invested in these characters, by the time they got with the full doing it I was having FEELS and actually ended up teary. And books almost never make me cry anymore because I am old and cold and broken inside. Also the sex was hot. So hot sex and then tears. Reeve and I were in this together.

Better 6

M: (I didn’t cry)

C: I do not want to go too much in to plot details, we LOVED this book, and want you to read it yourself. There’s a lot of action to follow, plenty of series call backs (we think we got a Rowdy and Salem shout out! Be on the look out), and an HEA that felt beyond perfect. Crownover never lets us down. And we have this to look forward to in winter, which feels forever and ever away:

Better 5

Check out Hot Cop on Amazon:

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And pre-order Built: Saints of Denver, which is guaranteed to be wonderful.

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