DadBod: A DILF Humpday

Ok, so some of these guys aren’t actually dads, but they have smoking hot DadBods, so we like to think of them as DILF’s, and Pre-D DILF’s.

Ben Affleck

Good for: Your peripherary friend’s ex husband who was a real dog to her, but seems to be turning it around and always shows up to soccer practice with extra snacks for the kids whose parents forgot

affleck 1

affleck 2

affleck 3

affleck 4

affleck 5

Jason Segel

Good for: The dad who volunteers to help direct the school play and you assume he’s gay, but then realize he really IS flirting with you and you end up having sex behind the krieg lights while thirty first graders act out the first Thanksgiving.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 14:  Jason Segal promotes the film 'The Five-Year Engagement' at Soho Hotel on June 14, 2012 in London, England.  (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

segel 2

segel 3

segel 4

Actor Jason Segel gestures to Hasty Pudding Theatricals cast members as he is honoured as the

Seth Rogen

Good for: The funny guy who you meet while advocating for better care for your grandma in the nursing home, he sees you crying and riffs until you laugh. His belly makes an excellent pillow when you lie in bed post coital talking about your childhood.

rogen 1

rogen 2

rogen 3

rogen 4

Jon Hamm

Good for: The hot older dad who you always see at the bar, playing pool and ignoring his buzzing cell phone, he loosens his tie, teaches you how to sink your balls, and then takes you home to his bachelor apartment. The sex is so good you don’t even care that he doesn’t have any pillows.

hamm 1

hamm 2

hamm 3

hamm 5

Jason Bateman 

Good for: Men who wear sweater vests, men who take your son to baseball practice so you can get a pedicure, and men who cry the first time they get called dad.

bateman 1

bateman 2

bateman 3

bateman 4

bateman 5

John Krasinski

Good for: The cute guy at your office who quickly becomes your work husband and makes out with you in the supply cabinet, it’s hard to explain exactly what you guys did that made that toner cartridge explode.

john 1

john 3

john 4

john 5

john 6

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