Sarah’s Seduction, by Lora Leigh

Sarah's seduction

Grade: C-

Doing it at: 13%

Catnip: All in the Family, Threesomes, Fivesomes, Light Orgies, Mysterious Stalker, This Shit Is Bananas, WTF, Butt Stuff; Aftercare, #TeamAnal

Shame Scale: Red Hot Burning Shame

Fantasy Cast: Josh Hartnett x 2, Anne Hathaway, Matt Dillon, Christina Ricci

What do we taste like?: Like nectar. Like the sweetest honeyed drug.

Book Description:

Book 2 in the Men of August series

On a hot summer night six years before, Brock August showed Sarah Tate a passion that would nearly destroy her. But fear and innocence drove her from his arms and into a marriage she neither wanted nor found happiness in. Now Sarah is free and she wants that night she lost. One night, a few stolen hours to know the heat and passion of the man she never forgot. But Brock has other plans in mind. A secret, a passion, a desire his brothers share. A desire Sarah will be unable to deny. That is, if she can escape the dark designs of the stalker intent on destroying the August men.

This is the sequel to Marly’s Choice, the bananas romance between three brothers, and Marly, their “ward,” of sorts. I won’t say I was dying to read this book, but I was looking forward to seeing how much crazier this story would get when the men added another woman to their harem. Some back story: The August brothers – Cade (the oldest), and twins Sam and Brock, suffered some sort of traumatic abuse when they were older teens. As a result, they’ve found that the only way they can express their love for each other, and reinforce their bond as brothers, is to share their girlfriends with each other. In Marly’s choice, Cade finally took Marly as his woman, but she takes care of all his brothers as well. Sometimes all of them at the same time. The Family that plays together, stays together, and all that.

Also, I want to mention that I read most of this book on an airplane, sitting in between my husband and a stranger, with large print. I’m kind of proud of myself for that, because it definitely took some balls.

This story is Brock’s, and his wooing of Sarah. It starts with a flashback, to a young Brock and Sarah at a party. Sarah is finally 18, and 25 year old Brock tells Sarah that he’s wanted her forever, and he means to have her. He takes her up to a candlelit bedroom, they slow dance (I think? I’m not remembering all the details). Whatever it is, it’s very country-romantic, maybe there were some rose petals, I don’t even care. So Brock and Sarah do some kissing, he goes down on her, and then gets ready to stick it in and take her V card.

While he’s poised there with just the tip* in a little bit, ready to ram it home, Sarah sees Sam there in the doorway watching them, and at that moment she realizes the rumors are true. And she knows that she won’t be able to say no to anything Brock asks her to do – aka his family – once they’ve made love, because I guess that’s just the depth of her feelings for him or something, so she pushes him off and is all, sorry! Gotta run! A week or so later, she marries some chump who cheats on her, spends all her inheritance, and can’t even give her an O for fuck’s sake.

Fast forward some years, and Sarah is newly divorced, and out trolling the bars to find Brock and finally get his dick inside of her. A fresh start to her new life. A cleansing of sorts. A cleansing with semen.

Brock sees Sarah making eyes at him, and can’t wait any longer to have her. He tells Sarah that if she starts this up again, he’s not going to stop.

“I won’t stop this time, Sarah,” he told her gently, but the expression on his face was savage. “Do you understand me? If I get your panties off again, I’ll fuck you, no matter how hard you cry. I won’t have the control to let you go.”

Which is totally alpha in a rapey way, and not a sexy way. Just saying. I don’t think this guy ever watched the PSA about no means no. Luckily, Sarah is into it, so he drags her out of the bar and fucks her in his car, a few times, then at his house. The next day, Brock is all, you’re mine now. But Sarah has a slightly more modern view of the world, and is all, “Nah bro, that was just a one night stand.” Sarah’s not ready to commit to all of Brock’s brothers, not to mention the fact that she’d have to condone that Brock would still be sleeping with Marly. Brock is determined to bring her around though. He decides to try and woo her alone, putting faith in his belief that she’ll eventually understand how things need to be.

Meanwhile, while he pines for Sarah, he still manages to fit in some DP with Marly and Cade. But he’s thinking of Sarah, you guys. So it’s fine. Even though Sarah tries to resist Brock, she keeps giving in, because “His tongue was like an invader, a conqueror. His cock was a steel hard spike of heat she was dying to impale herself on.”

Marly sees the pain that Sarah and Brock’s conflict is causing to Cade and Sam, so she invites Sarah out to lunch to try and explain things. Marly explains that this sharing arrangement is critical to the brothers’ ability to love each other. If they don’t do this, they fall apart.

This isn’t lust. It’s not sex. It’s their survival.

Brock is pretty torn up about things, because his brotherly bond is failing with him spending so much time at Sarah’s house. He discusses things with Marly, who tries to help him see where Sarah is coming from. And seriously, this stuff is so funny you guys. I just can’t even.

“Right,” she answered to herself. “And you will expect her to let Sam and Cade tough her, whether you’re with her or not when it happens. When you come into a room, realizing one of your brothers had just shot his cum inside her body, you’ll feel pride, not fury.”

“They’re my brothers,” he reminded her. “It’s different.”

Brock finally confesses the root of everything to Sarah, the details of the abuse they suffered when they were teens. And it’s horrible, definitely not trying to minimize that. But even though they explain it a bajillion different ways, I still find the leap in logic it takes to get from “childhood trauma” to “this is the only way we can love each other as brothers,” a bit of a stretch. How about just saying, “Bro, I fucking love you, so hard.” I almost wish that the book would stop trying to justify the WTF orgies, and just BE a book about bros that like sharing women. Like Colters’ Woman. Just have it be a thing you do, you don’t have to justify it to me, Lora. I’m already here, reading slightly incestuous erotica, which implies a certain level of acceptance.

Meanwhile, there’s a stalker trying to kill Sarah. He breaks into her house, and threatens her, and later breaks in and trashes her entire house. The brothers realize that this stalker is likely the same person from the events of Marly’s choice, and that they caught the wrong man last time. So Sarah reluctantly moves to the ranch for protection, while they hire back the team of guards from Marly’s choice. And I don’t know about you, but I probably would put some serious consideration into re-hiring the team of people who CAUGHT THE WRONG GUY the last time someone was trying to kill my whole family.

While Sarah is at the house, she struggles with her conflicted feelings. On the one hand, she thinks it’s batshit. On the other hand, his brothers do make her kind of wet…

Obviously, shit eventually goes down. Sarah decides to go for it. There’s an orgy. It wasn’t the orgy I wanted, and it didn’t happen till 92%. This is the second book in the series, so I felt like I deserved a book that was all ridiculous orgies, all day long. Like:

hot dog face

Frankly (see what I did there?), it was not a terribly scandalous orgy. Maybe I’m just getting desensitized to all of this, but it takes some pretty serious kink to make me raise my eyebrows these days, and this didn’t rank. There wasn’t even any DP.

At the end, they never caught the stalker and it ended on a cliffhanger. I’ve invested enough of my life into this series already that now I have to read the final book and see what happens when Heather finds her forever home. And then I’ll probably just go ahead and read the Christmas special because FML.

August Heat *JTT

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