A Hot Gingery Hump Day

We have a serious thing for gingers. We don’t care if they have no souls and can’t properly go out in the sun, they just do it for us. Let’s hear it for the red headed dreamboats out there.

Michael Fassbender

World’s hottest ginger. And we don’t have to imagine it, we’ve seen it. (NSFW)


mf 2

Domhnall Gleeson

The Beta Ginger. He probably won’t bite you, but he’ll definitely call you when he says he will.


dg 1

Prince Harry

His eyes might be a tad too close together, but he’s a goddamn prince. Please refer to this for all the ways he’d make a great boyfriend.


Tom Hiddleston

Sigh. Never forget that Hiddles is Nate.

 hiddles 2

Hiddles 5

Damien Lewis

He always looks like he may be plotting to get you into trouble, but he’s a ginger you wouldn’t mind blowing up Federal buildings with.

damian lewis

James McAvoy

So yeah. He’s Mr. Tumnus. But did you see Atonement?

mcavoy 2

mcavoy 4

Kevin McKidd

Have you seen him in Made of Honor? Outshining Dempsey’s sex hair and looking doable in a kilt.


mckidd 2

All these gorgeous randos

ginger 1

hot ging 1

hot ginge 2

hot ginge 3

hot ginge 4

hot ginge 5

hot ginge 6

hot ginge 7

hot ginge 8

Fire crotches 4Eva

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