CW Stars Who Give Us Ladyboners

CW shows are the trash books of television. They are not known for their critically acclaimed stories and emmy-worthy performances, BUT they do have some of the best abs on television. We could go on forever, but here are some of our favorites, the ones we remember, the ones who give us the biggest Ladyboners.

Jay Ryan

This Beauty and the Beast star is welcome to hulk out on us any time he likes.

Perfect for: Your wholesome neighborhood weed dealer. The ex boyfriend you run into when you’re back in your hometown fresh from a breakup and he’s bartending and takes you home when you’re wasted. He doesn’t take advantage, but there’s morning sex.

jay 3

jay 1

jay 2

jay 4

jay 5

jay 6

jay 7

jay 8

Ed Westwick

This Gossip Girl star is rich and dirty, but loves to tease you and play pranks, and if you get mad he takes you to Tiffanys and then fucks you boneless.

Perfect for: Bajillionaires, Trust fund babies who give up whoring for you

ed 8

ed 6

ed 5

ed 4

ed 2

ed 1

Robert Buckley

He’s so hot, they made a meme about him. We loved him as a nice guy on One Tree Hill, and he’s only looking better these days on iZombie.

Perfect for: Nice guys who are afraid of commitment because they lost their heart to a dead ex girlfriend. The college buddy you talk into taking your virginity and teaching you about sex so you can woo your crush, but he’s so good at it you fall in love.

rob 1

rob 9

rob 8

rob 7

rob 6

rob 3

rob 2

Rahul Kohli

We literally know nothing about this iZombie star other than that he looks fabulous in a lab coat and has some of the best hair game we’ve ever seen.

Perfect for: That guy who is initially standoffish because he saw you acting foolish with your friends and he thinks you’re just like all the other sorostitutes who want him for his looks. He is forced to work with you on a class project and is stunned by your brilliance, and by the way you care for your disabled brother. He goes down on you and you hold his hair like reins.

Raul 1

Rahul 7

Rahul 6

Rahul 5

Rahul 4

Rahul 3

Rahul 2

Stephen Amell

Arrow? Straight through our hearts please. He’s the guy you see doing endless reps at the gym and he doesn’t care if you’re sweaty, he wants to have locker room sex without any talking.

Perfect for: MMA fighters, Volunteer firemen, Taciturn bodyguards who try to hold back, but end up kissing you in your cheap motel room where you’re hiding out from your mob ex boyfriend. It’s explosive.

step 7

step 6

step 5

step 4

step 3

step 2

step 1

Charles Michael Davis

He’s one of the only reasons to watch The Originals.

Perfect for: Men who look like they were born in a tux, Professional dirty talkers, Men who are all business in public, but will make you take off your dress the moment you get into the limo.

Char 6

Char 5

Char 4

Char 3

Char 2

Char 1

Jensen Ackles

Jensen has Supernatural good looks. Those eyes tho.

Perfect for: The boy next door who’s smarter than he looks and makes you go camping and hiking, but it’s worth it because he takes you up against trees and knows which plants are poisonous.

jens 7

jens 6

jens 5

jens 4

jens 3

jens 2

jens 1

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