Underappreciated Hotties: A Hump Day Tribute

The world is so full of pretty boys who need admired and cast in our fantasy book worlds, but we feel like the Chris Hemsworth’s of the world hog all the glory some days. So here’s our tribute of sorts to the back-up men in our spank bank.

Matthew Goode

Mr. Goode, being gruffly adorable in Leap Year was the whole inspiration for this post

Good For: Men who would never admit they like you, but punch your ex boyfriend when he gives you a hard time; Nice gents in historicals with mediocre titles like Lord or Count.






Donald Glover

He was funny-cute in Community, but really won us over in Magic Mike XXL with his shiny suit and jaunty hat.

Good for: Boys who win you over by making you laugh until you pee a little; Short guys

donald 1

donald 2

donald 3

donald 4

donald 5

Jake Johnson

He’s Nick Miller, he’s curmudgeonly, and he once made me root for Olivia Wilde. Magic man.

Good for: Boys who lend you their flannel shirts and teach you to enjoy craft beers; Slacker boyfriends you can’t break-up with because they fuck so good.

Jake 1

jake 2

jake 3

jake 4

nick jess gif

Tyler Hoechlin

We don’t know if Tyler even is under appreciated, but we wanted to google image search him, and we wanted to share those results with you.

Good for: The pretty boy in your economics class who surprises you by being really smart, then helps you study for the test. He rewards you by doing a strip tease.





Joel Kinnaman

Good for: Men who seem like they might have rap sheets. Men who like it dirty. Men who spit on their hands first.






Oliver Hudson

Oliver is aging like a fine wine, and embodying the perfect Dad Bod.

Good for: Your high school sweetheart who is going a little bit to seed but seems perfect to help you get over your divorce.






Michael B. Jordan 

Look at that grin, this boy is the cutest. He may have been a baby when you watched him in The Wire, but he’s old enough now for us to objectify him like this.

Good for: Your ex boyfriend’s easy going friend who has always had a crush on you; The one night stand who knocks you up and turns out to be a good guy.






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