Doubled, by Charlotte Stein


Grade: B-

Doing it at: 81%

Catnip: Hot  Twins; All in the Family; Threesome; Friends to Lovers; All Action No Plot

Shame Scale: It’s a book that’s essentially one long threesome sex scene. Surfing the high seas of shame.

Fantasy Cast: Nic and Campbell Pletts; Kat McPhee

What do we taste like: Peppermint

Book Description:

Bobbi has been friends with the Hoffman twins for one long, glorious year. They’re sweet, funny and kind, but there’s a problem…they’re also hotness personified. Times two. And when they lure her into a kinky little game involving a blindfold and some rather unexpected fondling, she finds them much harder to resist than she’d imagined.It seems they want to be something other than just good friends. They want a hot, steamy ménage, and all Bobbi has to do is decide if she’s up to the challenge. One big, gorgeous guy is enough for her.Two might be more than she can handle…

We ended up with Doubled in the library when Mary mentioned she might maybe want to read a book about hot twins having a threesome. Turns out, like most fantasy scenarios, there were A LOT of books to be had. Doubled is more of a novella in length and is mainly sex, extremely light on plot. I should clarify that that’s not a complaint.

Bobbi and twins Tobias and Sebastian have been platonic friends for awhile, a triumvirate of best friends who haven’t so much as kissed. Until a game to show Bobbi that she can’t ALWAYS tell them apart goes awry. Bobbi is blindfolded and feeling their faces all innocent like. Then feeling a bare chest, still pretty innocent. Then being eaten out, by which twin she is not entirely positive. See, Bobbi, don’t get smug – you can’t tell whose tongue is whose!

There is the barest wisp of a plot woven through in between the sex scenes. Bobbi has low self esteem and her roommate is a nasty piece of baggage, she asks Bobbi all the time why she hasn’t given the twins her number, because Bobbi doesn’t even know what to do with the double dose of sexy swimmers that she’s always hanging out with. Sebastian and Tobias are emo about no one being able to tell them apart and feeling like they have no identity as individuals. They’re just hot pieces of interchangeable ass to the other girls on campus. After the blindfolded, oral sex shenanigans they reveal to Bobbi that they had talked about doing something like that with her before, that they’ve been lusting after her for a long time.

“Remember that time we sat in on Broadman’s lecture and there were no seats left?”


“And you sat in my lap?”

“I don’t think I like where this is going.”

“I was hard then. I was hard during movie night, when you fell asleep against my arm. I got hard in the photo booth —”

“When we took those cute pictures? But I have nothing but wholesome memories of doing that!”

Sleeping with the same girl at once is not something they’ve ever done before but they both LOVE her and want to share her. Seb and Tobe want Bobbi to be their GIRLFRIEND. Their collective, shared girlfriend. Aw, guys.

Even though this book is 90% sex scene and only about 90 pages long, we don’t get our p’s in the v until 81%. Lots of oral for all parties before then, but no doing it until there is actual penetration is the Mybookshame rule. We take our review standards VERY seriously. This is a professional blog, y’all. Both twins are so big that Bobbi can hardly take them, natch, but their penises are very different. See! Even identical twins can have unique, giant penis shapes, they’re individuals. The twins are super in to the fact that they’re having sex with Bobbi at the same time, while absolutely not touching each other during sex. Because that would be weird. Seb and Tobe keep up a running dialog with each other while taking turns giving Bobbi a million perfect book orgasms:

“Oh God, I think she’s coming. Oh she’s almost definitely coming on my cock. Fuck fuck fuck.”

“She’s still doing it too. She’s still coming.”

“You serious?”

“Yeah, she’s….”

“God you’re right. She’s like a fucking fist around me.

Just brothers hanging out with brothers doing normal brother stuff.

This book is a real trash book. It has no pretensions of being anything else, and that’s probably why it was so fun. If you’re going to be a book about twin brothers sharing the same girl BE a book about twin brothers sharing the same girl. No one is reading that for the plot. Unless Franzen decides to cover this territory on his next release, then it’ll be art. If you’re looking for something light, mindless, and really fun that you can definitely not read in the same room as anyone you’re related to pick up Doubled.

Disclaimer/Spoiler under hot twins. Proceed with caution.

**Mary asked me to add a disclaimer that there is no DP in this book, if you are looking specifically for twin brother DP (which is cool, you like what you like!) keep searching. If we find it, we’ll be sure to let the world know. 

***Mary here – I wanted to add that this book gave us our second Mybookshame Rule. The rules are now as follows:

1. Doing it does not count until the P is in the V (Or the B, if there is no V)

2. Menage books should have DP. 

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5 thoughts on “Doubled, by Charlotte Stein

  1. I really laugh reading your reviews :-D. But I have a question for the rule no. 1, what if there are two leasbians? Then they are not doing it the whole book 🙂


    • Oh no! I feel like Mary covered this but I can’t remember what we decided, maybe first orgasm? It’s definitely sex even without P, so O would probably be the thing that signifies the Doin’ It percent.

      Also thank you!! I love hearing that people are reading and enjoying our reviews.


  2. If I have one turnoff when reading book romance of any sort (tame or racy), it is the OBVIOUS choosing of HOT BOY names. Jaxon, Saxon, Maxon, et. al.

    I will always, always, always judge an author for naming a character Tobias.

    Sebastian is right on the line.

    Both are too cutesy.

    I would love it if you added a review category where you rated the male characters’ names. From “this is just slightly too-good-to-be-true” to “every time I see this character’s name I know I am reading a trashy romance and If I could feel shame, I would feel shame.”


    • These names didn’t even seem that egregious to me, they at least seemed *maybe* like they might be era appropriate to how old the characters are. I Can Not buy into a 30 year old main character named Jaden or Caden.

      Possibly the worst name we’ve encountered is in Love Her Madly, where our guy is named BING. I think I mention it in the review like four times.

      Ps I knew a Sebastian in high school and people called him Sebby. So bad.


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