Hump Day: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones gets a lot of attention for its sexposition and the amount of gratuitous female nudity on display every episode. Lucky for us, there’s also a lot of pretty boys for ogling.

Is it any wonder that The Queen of Dragons couldn’t resist Daario Naharis? He’s a sellsword, a scoundrel, and a Grade A Hottie.

 daario 3

daario 2

daario 1

daario 4

Jason Momoa was only on the show as our beloved Khal Drago for one season, but he left a lasting impression – with that ass.

drogo 2

drogo 3


Gendry might be forever rowing to some distant shore, but the burly bastard blacksmith lives on in our hearts forever.

gendry 1

gendry 2

gendry 3

gendry 4

We don’t even care that he’s in love with his twin sister, Jamie Lannister Can Get It.

jamie 2

jamie 3


Oh Jon Snow, you know nothing, except how to be adorable and smoldering and how to keep your curl pattern intact

Kit 1

kit 2

kit 3

They call Tyion Lannister the half man, but we bet he’s all man. 

tyrion 1

tyrion 2

tyrion 3

tyrion 4

Oberyn Martell was our hero, briefly, and sexy right up until the (gruesome) end.

oberyn 1

oberyn 2

oberyn 3

Rob Stark. King of North, too dreamy to lose his head.

rob 1

rob 2

rob 3

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