Hump Day: Nicholas Sparks Dudes

A very special Hump Day post dedicated to the cute boys in Nicholas Sparks’ awful, cheesy movies that we guilty pleasure watch every time they’re on cable.

Channing Tatum in Dear John

We love Channing, he’s Magic Mike and he’s the King of Sweatpants Boners. We all want to ride that pony.

channing 1

channing 2

channing 3

Josh Duhamel in Safe Haven

We don’t even hold it against him that he’s married to Fergie. And Cleone feels very affectionate towards him after his long run as Leo on All My Children.

duhamel 1

duhamel 2

duhamel 3

Zefron in The Lucky One

We’ve featured our boy Zac before, he’s adorable. We thought he was hot before it was ok to think it. He makes us feel like cougars. But he’s certainly come a long way from his High School Musical days.

efron 1

efron 2

efron 3

Richard Gere in Nights in Rodanthe

We cheated a little and used pictures of young Dick. Seriously though, guys, baby Gere was a stone cold fox. gere 1

gere 2

gere 3

Ryan Gosling in The Notebook

He’s the consummate Sparks Hero, if he’s a bird, we are all birds.

gossy 2

gosling 3

gosling 2

Scott Eastwood in The Longest Ride

Scottie and his bare back bum were the best part of that flick.

scott 2

scott 3


Shane West in A Walk to Remember

Shane always looks like he can’t be trusted to me, but like he’d be really fun to get screwed over by.


shane 2

shane 3

James Marsden in The Best of Me

Mardsen is just getting better with age. He’s getting hotter each year and lets hope it never changes.

mardsen 3

marsden 1 9188132 'X-Men' actor James Marsden shows off his ripped beach body while attending the Maui Film Festival on the Hawaiian island of Maui, Hawaii on June 14, 2012. The actor was seen sporting a pair of black board shorts as he walks out of the ocean after enjoying a afternoon dip FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

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