Central Casting, Part 3

Happy Hump Day everyone!
Here’s some more of our favorites from the spank bank. Because we think shame reading is so much better when you can put abs a bulge a face to it.
Jamie Dornan
Minus all the 50 Shades hoopla, Jamie is still adorable. He’s our handsome boy model who likes to go scruffy and incognito, and maybe he’s a little conceited but he just needs the love of a good woman to bring him back to earth. Also, hottest stalker and murderer of ALL TIME (sorry Ted Bundy)
Good for: Quiet billionaires, Heroes who might actually be murderers
dornan 1
dornan 2
dornan 3
dornan 4
dornan 5
dornan 6
dornan 7
Diego Luna
Is perpetually 21. He’s the cute college boy. If you haven’t seen Y Tu Mama Tambien, where he and Gael Garcia Bernal sleep together in a pile like sun warmed puppies you really should.
Good for: Band guys; The dark haired guy in a threesome; The nice guy in a biker gang
diego 1
diego 2
diego 3
diego 4
diego 5
diego 6
diego 7
Lee Pace
Looks like he should be British. We want to pet his eyebrows.
Good for: Men with perfect eyebrows; Beta heroes who are secretly really dirty; Tall, broody men wearing cravats
lee 1
lee 2
lee 3
lee 4
lee 5
lee 6
lee 7
Sebastian Stan
He looks like the rich frat boy from a John Hughes movie, kinda mean, kinda dirty, probably a little sarcastic and shitty.
Good for: A reformed bad boy who falls in love and none of his scumbag friends can believe it’s real; The guy who introduces all the girls to #TeamAnal
stan 1
stan 2
stan 3
stan 4
stan 5
stan 6
stan 7
stan 8
Rupert Friend
Mary: How lucky are we, that there are TWO men in the world who look like Orlando Bloom!
Cleone: I think Rupert is cuter. He looks like he’d be dirtier in bed and like it a bit rough and drink scotch out of the bottle
But they’re both hot.
M: I would not kick either of them out of my bed.
C: Also he and Dornan are Eskimo Brothers!
Good for: The silent type; A guy who knows his way around a bar fight; Roguish types
rupert 1
rupert 2
rupert 3
rupert 4
rupert 5
Rupert 6
Rupert 7

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