Central Casting: Part 2

Here are some more of our favorites. Our present to you.

Gael Garcia Bernal

Good for: Threesomes. Boys with dreamy eyes. Boys with dreamy accents. Boys with dreamy abs. Boys who are dreamy.

gael 5


gael 2

gael 3

Gael 4

gael 6

Kevin McKidd

Good for: Gingers. Hot doctors. Smoldering dads. Criminally nice guys who date jerk girls. Men who look sexy in kilts.

mckidd 1

mckidd 2

mckidd 3

mckidd 4

mckidd 5

mckidd 7

mckidd 8

Timothy Olyphant

Good for: Lawmen. Cowboys. Stoic Southern men. Boys who look better in blue jeans than you do. Guys who bang in the back of pickup trucks.

Olyphant 1

Olyphant 2

olyphant 3

olyphant 4

JUSTIFIED: Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens. CR: Frank Ockenfels III / FX

olyphant 6

Olyphant 8

2012 Winter TCA Tour - Day 12

Chris Pratt
Pratt is like the human version of a golden retriever, he’s adorable, he’s gleeful, he probably likes to wrestle and use his tongue.
Good for: Funny guys. The boy from high school who got really hot in college.

pratt 3

pratt 1

pratt 2

pratt 4

pratt 5

pratt 6

pratt 7

pratt 8

Zac Efron

“He’s so cute. He’s like the boy next door who was always cute but then he went to college or joined the army or whatever and came home and he’s at the block party with his moms brownies and you suddenly have to do him or you’ll die. Not that I’ve thought about this. Or anything.”
zefron 1
zefron 2
zefron 3
zefron 4
zefron 5
zefron 6
zefron 7

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