A Baby for My Billionaire Stepbrother, by Cassandra Zara

billionaire stepbrother

Grade: Maybe a D- (despite there being D)

Doing it at: 1%

Catnip: Protagonists who hate each other; Stepsiblings: Not Quite Incest; Billionaires; WTF; But it was 99 cents

Shame Scale: Red Hot Burning Shame. This book is badly written, badly plotted, and no amount of sex can help.That cover isn’t anything you’d want a parent or child or dentist to see either.

Fantasy Casting: My brain couldn’t even cast this one, just pick two people you hate and pop them in.

Book Description:

“I’ve been waiting to claim you for a long time…”

“Go take the bus, freshman.”

With one cruel phrase, James had shown me exactly what kind of person he was. Refusing to give me a ride home had shown the catty girls at my high school that I was fair game. It didn’t stop there. For Christmas, he gave me nothing more than an IOU. I had to listen to him making girls from our high school moan through our shared wall. Even though our parents were now married, I knew I’d never think of him as a brother.

I was right, but in the worst way. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop fantasizing about acts that society would consider forbidden.

Four years later, when I came home for Christmas, James was there as well. Only he wasn’t just a popular high school kid anymore. He was the billionaire CEO of his own company. And whatever feelings I had for him resurfaced immediately when I accidentally walked in on him when he was naked. He relished the opportunity to tease me just as he had when we lived together, and I fell for it every time.

Only, when I left the house to do something I might regret, he saved me. It was only then that I found out that he had not only been protecting me, but he had wanted me just as fiercely all along. And, even though that IOU from all those Christmases before said that he owed me a gift, I wanted to use it to give him a gift that would last a lifetime.

A baby.

This was a 99 cents purchase, we figured how bad could it be, which is a thought that never ends well. A Baby for My Billionaire Stepbrother introduced me to a whole subset of Kindle books I didn’t even know existed. I urge everyone to go over to Amazon and type in “hard and unprotected”. You’ll learn so much about human nature, and about girls who just want men to cum inside them and get them pregnant. For college student Allie not just any man hot and unprotected inside of her will do; the only man she wants to fill her with a baby is her billionaire stepbrother. James taunted Allie throughout high school and she lusted over him, all while hating him. There isn’t much in the way of back story here, and what is there is hard to follow and not particularly compelling. Allie is EXTREMELY unlikable, I found myself wishing this was a dual narrative and I could switch to James’ head because he seemed slightly less awful.

Allie has come home from school over Christmas break from college, and her stepbrother who has made himself a billionaire since the last time she saw him- is coming home as well. She’s become a “sophisticated” new woman at college and uses her new wiles to go trolling for D at a local bar where everyone from high school has congregated to get drunk and see who has gotten fat (AKA the best part of winter break). James saves her from getting date raped in a car, she yells at him for it, displays no emotional maturity, and does not get his hot cum inside her before they both part ways.

When Allie and her billionaire stepbrother finally get it on (hard and unprotected) in his swanky penthouse office, she KNOWS that he got her pregnant.

I sighed with ecstasy as I felt my stepbrother’s seed completely fill me. His life giving semen was already finding its way toward my fertile eggs

This books saving grace is that it is short, and that I was in a mood for hate reading when I picked it up, hate reading can be pretty pleasurable. It’s possible this is my top shame read of all time!

PS: I think this has a sequel

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